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Lake Fertő and Fertőd

Jaký je Váš názor

In 2001 UNESCO awarded the region its World Heritage title. Thus a special ambiance and an incomparably beautiful landscape, and of course the villages on the shores of the lake, await the visitor.


The most famous and most frequented village at Lake Fertő - World Heritage Cultural Landscape is Fertőd. Its popularity is due first and foremost to the Esterházy castle, the Versailles of Hungary.

In the center of the village there is the beautifully renovated baroque castle built in the shape of a horseshoe with nearly 220 acres of park, the heyday of which was in the lifetime of Miklós Esterházy. The chapel of the palace was awarded the Europa Nostra Prize after its recent renovation, while the concerts in the castle have an international reputation

Joseph Haydn spent nearly twenty years in the service of Miklós Esterházy, "The love of magnificence," who was a patron of the arts. Haydn lived the “music house, where there still a room devoted to Haydn’s memory.

It is worth visiting the Church of the Holy Cross near Eszterháza where the altar of Erzsébet Udvardi, that received the Hungarian Heritage prize, can be viewed.

The centre and visitors’ facilities of the Fertő-Hanság National Park are located in the vicinity.
In addition to its permanent exhibitions, the operational centre of the Fertő-Hanság National Park organized travelling from the spring until the autumn.

In view of their beauty, cultural and historical value, UNESCO declared the surroundings and villages of Lake Fertő belonging to "World Heritage".
The Fertőd-Pamhagen border crossing and a bicycle path links Fertőd to Austria.
Detailed information about Fertőd and the programmes it offers can be found at www.fertod.hu.