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Chestnut Festival in Villa Rosato

Archivovaná stránka

Visitors are invited to taste various chestnut-based cakes (macaron, cupcakes, mousse, "hatlapos", mignon, etc) in Villa Rosato Pastry.

The festival will take place in Bükfürdő (next to the Hotel Caramelle) from 28th October until 3rd November.

Villa Rosato Pastry & Confectionery shop

The hotel's car park offers access to our pastry shop, which offers you the culinary delights of the special confectionery. Our cakes made of high-quality ingredients quickly follow the changing needs, combining national tastes and new trends from abroad. We are waiting for our guests with fragrant coffees, cocktails and delicious cakes. Our desserts are also available in sugar or gluten-free versions. The creativity of our confectioners is unlimited, we create unique ideas for weddings, events, birthdays, but our guests can also choose from own catalog.

Opening hours:
Annual opening hours: 10.00 - 18.00
Summer time: 09.00 - 20.00

Villa Rosato Pastry
9740 Bükfürdő Nyárfa Str. 2. | T: +36-94-999-315 | F: +36-94-558-031 | pastry@caramell.hu