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Vas County Association of Sport Fishing

In addition to creating the conditions for sport fishing, nature conservation, the protection of fish and habitats, and youth education are given the main emphasis in the operation of the organization. The organization carries out its advocacy activities as a member of the Hungarian National Fishermen's Association.

Our association performs and performs environmental protection, fish protection and fish management tasks in the areas of state-owned lakes and rivers under its management. In its nature conservation, the Association not only means the protection of natural values declared as protected, but its activities include the preservation of the natural environment of unprotected species and areas, as well as the reduction of invasive species.

Official data

Full name: Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations
Short name: County Fishermen's Association
Registered office: 9795 Iron Cross, 165/4. hrsz.
Court registration number: 18-07-0000056
Tax number: 19245175-1-18
Bank account number: 72100237-10130768
E-mail address: info@vasivizeken.hu
Web address: www.vasivizeken.hu

President: Miklós Seregi, President
telephone number: + 36 / 94-506-835
electronic contact: seregi.miklos@vasivizeken.hu

Managing Chairman: Norbert Puskás Managing Chairman
telephone number: + 36 / 70-33-99-707
electronic contact: puskas.norbert@vasivizeken.hu