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Local Producers Marketplace

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To get to know a place is more than just visiting it. When we chatted with the locals, visited the sights, discovered the surroundings and tried local food, can we say that these experiences truly had an effect on us.

Two of Alpokalja's ("feet of the Alps") most beautiful little towns, Bük and Bükfürdő not only heals the soul but the body as well. Magical environment, hospitality, Europe-wide acknowledged medicinal water, diverse programmes and local producers marketplace awaits the guests.
Get to know the local producers, take a look at our handicraft products, taste the local honey, home made jams, cheese and meat dishes along with local wines.
Buy a bit of Bük from our local producers, who only sell products made locally and with traditional process.

Between 26 April and 18 October we await our guests to the Local Producers Marketplace in Bükfürdő for the occasional market. On each Friday next to the Tourinfo office (in the place of the old bus station), visitors will be able to buy local food & products.

Location: Bükfürdő, old bus station
When: on each Friday
More information: Tourinfo Bükfürdő, 0036-94/558-416

We await with pleasure to greet you and your family in Bükfürdő!