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Human Charging Stations

Human Charging Stations

100% Recharge in Bükfürdő

If your mobiles have quick chargers how is it possible that you often forget pay attention to your depleting energy reserves? However, your body and soul needs to be treated by noble and nourishing things from time and again. 

100% Healing Power – Take the Waters as the Romans Do

One of the greatest treasures of Bükfürdő is the medicinal waters unmatched in composition, every litre containing more than 15,000 mg of minerals. Taking a plunge into this miraculous treasure will refill your energies down to the cells. 

100% Family Fun – The Joy of Being Together

Bükfürdő is a genuine recharge station for the whole family: Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre is the perfect choice in rain or shine; besides, there are myriad of opportunities for family fun in the spa town. One of these is a spectacular, crystal structured, three-storey adventure park called Crystal Tower, which is considered unique in Europe. Sunshine Children's Park, an amusement centre for children and adults, offers unforgettable and vivid experiences for the whole family. 

100% Active – Stay in Shape

When it comes to relaxing we often forget about exercise. However, in Bükfürdő, you are guaranteed to remember; there is a training ground or an open-air fitness park everywhere you go to motivate you to get active. Sports Park of Bükfürdő is an excellent venue to do every kind of exercise. There is also grounds for bodyweight workout in Bükfürdő; Fitness Park Bük is a specially equipped place for everybody willing to give this type of exercise a try. Fancy a walk? Kneipp® and Nordic Walking Park is the place you want to be. A 510-metre long dry barefoot path of different surfaces winding among an open-air yoga park, a charming herb garden and a labyrinth of plants invites you for a walk in the great outdoors. There are two certified routes passing through the small town. Treat your health and listen to birds tweeting as you walk along the three-kilometre Thermal Route or the seven-kilometre Sunshine Route. If you want to enjoy a more special sports activity, the picturesque Greenfield Golf Course is definitely worth paying a visit. There are two rental shops for bicycle enthusiasts in the spa town which, in addition to traditional bicycles, also have tandems and pedelecs to let.Visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the riverbank flora and fauna of the Répce either in the centre of the town or enjoying the spectacular and interactive botanical path.

100% Culinary Delights – A Taste of Bükfürdő

Bükfürdő and the vicinity has home-made dishes and a cuisine built on local traditions to offer. They are available to try in town at 20 catering establishments of different styles with a broad range. Once you have fallen for local tastes and would like to take home some, the Farmers Market Bükfürdő is the best place to buy goods directly from producers. Look for the brand name "Bükfürdői Esszencia" (Essence of Bükfürdő).

100% Cultural Wellness – Festivals

Taking place between St. George's Day and St. Michael's Day, KultúrWellness (Cultural Wellness) is a series of events providing unique experience for those considering relaxation as the combination recreation and cultural entertainment. Besides programmes maintaining folk traditions, there is also a major festival in the third week of every July; Days of Wines and Health is an event worth saving the date of right now. In addition to preserving traditions, Hungarian music, dance, wine and gastronomy also play an important role. Experience from the previous years show that there is no match for this free music and gastro-festival in the area. 

100% Comfort – Accommodation Meeting All Your Needs

When it comes to accommodation, some prefer luxury, some cosiness and some rooms and guesthouses to let. Bükfürdő has it all; the spa area offers accommodation meeting even the most demanding needs. There are three- and four-star hotels to choose from to satisfy different criteria. The spa town also offers a wide selection of comfortable and luxury holiday homes so that bigger parties of friends are also welcome.