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The First Written Reference of Bük

The settlement, with the spelling "Byk", is first referred to in a document establishing boundaries.

Three Villages Named Bük

Downstream the river Répce, there are three settlements named Bük mentioned in some sources: Vincló (Viszló)-Bük, Egyházas-Bük, and Mankó-Bük. All of them were resided by serfs and members of the lower nobility. 

Appearance of the Lutheran Religion

A number of Councils (to elect a bishop) were formed in the settlement and Protestants living in Bük and Lócs were granted an authorisation from the Royal Council of Governor-General to build a church and a school on 29th March 1784. The consecration of the church took place on the First Sunday of Advent in 1785.

Felsőbüki Nagy Pál

A famous Member of Parliament from the first half of the century renowned for his excellent speeches, he promoted development of the Hungarian language and stood up for serfs. The majority of his lands were situated in Bük where he built a mansion and he was also buried next to the local parish church.

Building the Railway

Bécs-Sopron-Szombathely-Nagykanizsa-Fiume railway line (i.e. Southern Railway) was opened, which crossed the area between Közép-Bük and Felső-Bük fostering civil development of the three Büks.

Bük, an Incorporated Municipality

Alsó-Bük, Közép-Bük and Felső-Bük was unified under name Bük.

The Discovery of Thermal Springs

Instead of crude oil, a water column of 65-70 metres gushed to the surface from a depth of 1,282 metres. Containing 15,200 mg/l minerals, this treasure of 58°C marked a new chapter in the history of Bük and the surrounding settlements. 

Opening the Medicinal Spa in Bük

The fourth part of the settlement, Bükfürdő (Spa Bük) grew up.

A Classified Health Resort

Bükfürdő was the tenth to be classified as a Heath Resort in Hungary.

Golf Course

The first 18-hole championship golf course of Hungary was opened in Bükfürdő. With an area of 1,000,000 sq ms including 7 lakes, the golf course provides a habitat for 10,000 poplars and 100 different bird species.

Bük, Spa Town

The town charter was granted to Bük by Sólyom László, President of Hungary.

750th Year Jubilee

The town celebrated the 750th anniversary of the first written reference of the settlement.

Az évfordulók éve Bükön

245 éves született, 165 éve hunyt el Felsőbüki Nagy Pál.
120 éve egyesült Alsó-,Közép- és Felsőbük kisközség Bük néven.
65 éve tört fel a büki víz.
60 éve nyílt meg a büki fürdő.
45 éve nyílt meg Bük első (Hotel Bük) és második (SZOT Szálló) szállodája.
25 éve alakult meg a Répcementi Férfikar.
20 éve terstvérváros Bük és Törökbálint.
15 éve kapta a városi rangot Bük.


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