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Drilling the Wells

Instead of crude oil, a water column of 65-70 metres gushed to the surface from a depth of 1,282 metres.

Containing 15,200 mg/l minerals, this treasure of 58°C marked a new chapter in the history of Bük and the surrounding settlements. The abundant water spring was named after St. Clement, who released a stream of clear water for the thirsty.

Ditch bath

People in the village and the vicinity recognised the health benefits of the thermal water and this year also saw growth in popularity of the activity called "ditch bathing".

Opening the Medicinal Spa in Bük

The first medicinal pool, frequently referred to as "semi-covered", is still a popular destination for health tourists. Bükfürdő, the fourth part of the town, emerged around the dynamically developing spa area.

Opening the covered part of the spa

Establishing a covered pool area, the spa became capable of being open all year round.

Bükfürdő, Health Resort

Bükfürdő was the tenth to be classified as a Heath Resort in Hungary.A Classified Health Resort is a special area meeting the requirements of having at least one recognised natural health factor present, in this case natural medicinal waters, and also a medicinal spa. Moreover, environmental conditions ensuring effective treatment and complete relaxation of patients are present besides having the necessary infrastructure for recreation. 

55 Years

55th anniversary of the Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa

Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® Medical Wellness központ

Újjászületett a Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® Medical Wellness központ, ami 3 szinten és közel 1400 négyzetméteren fogadja vendégeit.

Az évfodulók éve

65 éve tört fel a büki víz (1957.)
60 éve nyitotta meg kapuit a büki fürdő (1962.)
50 éve nyílt meg a büki fürdő fedett fürdője (1972.)


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