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- A Place to Change Pace -

The newest attraction of Bükfürdő, “FUNCITY NEW DIMENSION,” is expected to open on a site of 1,300 m 2 in spring 2022.

In addition to the high-end multiplex, visitors can enjoy unforgettable experiences in a meaningful way:

- TURBOCHARGER – a track for electric drift go-karting;
- MAGIC WORLD – a model railway fantasy world over 230 m 2 ;
- THUNDER RACE – an advanced full-scale F1 racing simulator for professionals;
- WONDER TOUR – a 4DX cinema with 8 different crazy programmes;
- ROCKETMAN – a flight simulator with 12 jetpacks and 4 breathtaking flying adventures.

Moreover, your visit is made even more special by the great attraction from LEGOLAND in Günzburg, namely the 2 3-seater CRAZY RUSH: 7 robotic arms revolving at varying speeds for the bravest among you, complete with 2 mind-blowing super-attractions with VR headsets.


Termál körút 49, Bükfürdő