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Nordic walking

Nordic Walking

There are two Nordic Walking routes in Bükfürdő for walking enthusiasts; Thermal Route and Sunshine Route are both certified routes with lengths of 3 and 7.5 kilometres sharing the same starting and finishing points. The shorter one, Thermal Route, goes around the area of Bükfürdő while the destination of Sunshine Route is at the Children's Park with the same name. There are two information and several other road signs in Bükfürdő to guide visitors on the way. The information signs marking the starting and the finishing points are located at the summer entrance of the Health and Adventure Centre while the sign marking the resting point is in the Kneipp® and Nordic Walking Park.

Benefits of Nordic Walking:

-It exercises 90% of the muscles, increases capacity of bones, ligaments and joints and also facilitates these organs to become stronger and more elastic by improving blood circulation and nutrient intake.

-Performance of the heart and blood circulation and also aerobic stamina improve considerably.

-Active strain exerted on muscles of respiration increases oxygen supply of the whole body.

-Muscle tension around the shoulder and the neck is released.

-Using poles, load on organs of locomotion is reduced by up to 30%, which is essential especially in a postoperative state. Nordic walking is therefore particularly suitable for postoperative rehabilitation. Incorporate it into your daily schedule: apply it while doing your chores (shopping, arranging your everyday tasks, etc.) "house-to-house".

Enthusiasts of the sport are welcome in Bükfürdő.

Nordic Walking

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