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Dödölle (Mushes)

Preparing mush is very simple; no complex devices or cooking procedures are required to process ingredients. Regarded as an essential substitute for bread, mush was the main dish of the poor. Mush is also made from potatoes and beans.

When preparing a potato mush, boiled potatoes are gently mixed with some flour; it is then cooked and cut into a bowl. Shape it and fry it in some grease. After that, it is covered with some liquid with onions. It is served with csörge (pork cracklings), quark or poppy seeds. This type of potato mush is called dödölle.


10 dag bacon

1 dl sour cream

0.5 kg potatoes

10 dag onion

20 dag flour

salt and pepper

A passage from "Időtálló ízek - Büki Recepteskönyv" (Timeless Tastes - A Cookbook of Bük)