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Vas County Association of Sport Fishing

The Vas County Association of Sport Fishing currently operates as a non-governmental organization in the 1397,18 hectares of water in Zala (4 running and 2 still waters) and Vas county (25 running and 19 running waters). In 2018, there were 9117 members of the Associations 26 partners. In addition to creating the conditions for sport fishing, nature protection, protection of the fish and habitat and youth education are the main focus of the organization. The organization is a member of the Hungarian National Fishing Association. Taking family members and relatives into consideration, the Association sees the interests of more than 35.000 people in Vas and Zala county.

The Vas County Association of Sport Fishing was founded in 1993, when the chairman was József Horváth, then from 1998-2013, István Csiszár. Nowadays, Miklós Seregy leads the Association until 2023.

The Association performs environment – and fish protection and fishery on the state-owned ponds and river waters. The Association not only protects the preserved natural values, but also extends its scope to preserve the natural environment of unprotected species, and reducing the invasive species.

With the support of the European Union, in recent years, the revitalization of natural waters and the development of fishing grounds have led to the implementation of renaturation and revitalization projects with the support of specialized authorities on several running waters (E.g. Pinka, Gyöngyös, Csörnöc-Herpenyő).

We maintain a continuous partnership with the following authorities and organizations: West Transdanubian Water Directorate, Fishery Government Authority of Vas and Zala County, Őrség National Park Directorate, Balaton-Uplands National Park Directorate, MTA Tihany Limnology Research Institute, County and Municipalities.

The Vas County Fishing Association seeks to preserve, develop, expand and continuously increase the natural values of the water areas both in Hungary and abroad. We are working to make our fishing waters popular and enjoyable place, where every enthusiast can have a good time.

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