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Érsek Éden Truffle gastronomy plantation

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The Érsek Éden Truffle gastronomy plantation offers quality truffle programmes for private individuals, as well as for innovative representatives of the tourism, catering and hotel industries.

Our farm can be found in Western Hungary, near the foothills of the Alps, on a flood plain of the River Rába. With the repeated flooding of the ancient Rába river, newer and newer layers of soil formed. Since then, the river has taken a new course, leaving behind a fertile flood plain. This type of soil and the micro-climate formed by the nearby rivers ensures an ideal spot for growing truffles. This, combined with strict cultivation processes, perseverance, humility and last but not least, professional supervision, drives our growing family profile.

Our farm is made unique by the fact that after a lengthy research process, we are now cultivating several types of truffles. You can find Summer Truffle [Tuber uncinatum], Smooth Black Truffle [Tuber macrosporum] and Bianchetto Truffle [Tuber borchii] and we are currently experimenting with growing Alba White Truffle, also known as the King of truffles.

However, our company’s main profile is beyond simply selling the truffles we grow.