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The birthplace of St. Martin of Tours has a great number of historic monuments to offer.

The Amber Road, one of the most significant trade and military routes of the ancient times, passed through here; a section of which has been preserved for exhibition today. Besides, there are many other relics of the Roman Empire scattered around the town. The second golden age of the town, a capitular centre developed into a church centre, dates back to the 18th century. Constructed in late Baroque and Zopfstil (pigtail and periwig) styles in the late 1700s, the Episcopal Palace, the Cathedral and the Seminar are one of the most beautiful and architecturally most consistent building complexes in Hungary.

Today, Szombathely is the county town of County Vas and also the largest town of the region with a sizeable greenbelt for relaxation, comfortable parks and spectacular events to provide unforgettable experiences for visitors all year round.