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A perfect combination of historic monuments, sights and clear, curative and refreshing Alpine air with extraordinary health benefits, this charming medieval small town has attracted tourists for centuries. 

Kőszeg has become famous for its diverse traditions and historic buildings preserved in an almost undamaged condition. The honour system is almost uniquely present here, in Hungary, which provides customers with access to fruit and vegetables at house gates even in the absence of the seller. The history of the town dates back to the 12th-13th centuries when Kőszeg was the only royal borough of County Vas, which shows the significance of the town. The best-known historic event of the town is the Turkish Siege in August 1532 when under the leadership of Commander Jurisics Miklós, the heavily outnumbered castle defenders repulsed the Ottoman Army.

Commemorating the victory, in addition to noon, the bells toll at eleven as well since legend has it that the last Turk left the town at this time. The core of the town surrounding the castle still has a genuine medieval atmosphere. This charming small town has a long-established tradition of viticulture thus no visit here is complete without trying one of the excellent local red wines.

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