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St. Clement Catholic Parish Church

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The parish church of Bük was erected in the centre of the town.

The patron saint of the church is martyr St Clement, one of the earliest saints of the Church. Roman-style elements were also used when building this Gothic church in 1408. The high altar-piece is a work of art by Strono Ferenc, which portrays St. Clement in Holy splendour surrounded by the crowd rejoicing at the gushing stream of water released and an anchor at his feet, symbolising his martyrdom. Közép-Bük (Middle-Bük) was referred to as "Church Bük" after the church for long and this is also probably the oldest part of the settlement. The church was reconstructed in a Baroque style but fragments on the internal walls still evoke previous ages; today the church is single-aisled with side-chapels. Its park is a nature reserve and also a home for many statues and monuments including an 18th century column of Holy Mary and the grave of the great speaker and politician of the reform era, Felsőbüki Nagy Pál.