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Írottkő Naturpark

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The Írottkő Naturpark is situated in western Hungary close to the state border. This scenic area with protected wildlife, historical and cultural heritage was established in 1997.

The name is coming from the 884 meter high Írottkő (Szálkő) peak, located on the Austrian – Hungarian border, which is not only the highest point of the Kőszegi Hills, but also the highest point of the Transdanubian- and Burgenland regions.

The idea of the establishment of the Írottkő - Geschriebenstein Naturpark had been started to formulate at the end of the 1980’s. The Austrian – Hungarian mixed committee, which was set up to establish the Fertő - Hanság National Park, started the preparation of the establishment process of the Naturpark.

The ceremonial opening of the Naturpark Geschriebenstein (Austrian part) was on 16th May 1996, the Hungarian side opened later on 28th September 1997.

The borderline of the territory goes on the Austrian side beyond the borders of Rohonc and Léka townships; on the Hungarian side includes the Kőszeg Protected Landscape Area, as well as six other townships: Bozsok, Cák, Kőszegdoroszló, Kőszegszerdahely, Velem and the town of Kőszeg.

Since December 2000 more and more townships joined to the Naturpark society: Peresznye, Ólmod, Kiszsidány, Horvátzsidány, Lukácsháza, Gyöngyösfalu, Nemescsó, Kőszegpaty, Pusztacsó, Perenye.

In 2009 the Írottkő Naturpark society won the "European Destinations of Excellence" award, issued by the European Committee, and became “Hungary’s best developing destination”.

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