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Felsőbüki Nagy (Szapáry) Mansion

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The most significant historic building of the town.

The most significant historic building of the town. It was built on the site of a reinforced 16th century country house which was rebuilt in an early Baroque style by palatine protonotary, Felsőbüki Nagy István in 1696. The forthcoming centuries saw further extensions built and the mansion was also refurbished on several occasions. The ceremonial hall of the 14-room and two-storey building is decorated by relief-like paintings, so called grisailles, which depict the four seasons (works of art by Antonio Luca Colombo (Colomba) (1674-1737) and Pietro Antonio Conti) The mansion was acquired by the Jankovich counts in the 19th century. Later, it became property of the Markovics family by a marriage before it was obtained by the Count Szapáry family by inheritance in 1925.

The mansion, wonderfully restored lately by its new owner, is now private property and closed for the public.