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Eco-Adventures of Sam the Squirrel

9.98 km
April, June, July, August, September, October
Asphalt: 100% (9.98 km)
Walking tour, bicycle tour, Citywalk

1. „Aquila Lignea Greenfield”

Location: Greenfield Golf (Bük-Bükfürdő, Golf utca 4.)

Mission: Find out about „Aquila Lignea Greenfield” and discover the spectacular 100-hectare course with its seven lakes which provides a habitat for numerous rare bird species. Warning. Walking the course might be dangerous, please stay on the designated path.

2. Barefoot in Squirrel Land

Location: Kneipp® Park (Bükfürdő)

Mission: Experience a natural foot massage by walking barefoot over the almost 500-metre long dry Kneipp® path. Should you get lucky, you might even spot a squirrel.

3. Exploring the Area on Foot

Location: Tours start from the Kneipp® and Nordic Walking Park.

Mission: Walk along one of the official Nordic Walking paths; choose between the three-kilometre Thermal Route or the seven and a half-kilometre Sunshine Route If you are new to this sport, there is professional assistance available in the Sports Park.

4. Snowflake and Bee-eater

Location: Répce Riverbank Botanical Path, Bük, Széchenyi utca

Mission: Walk along the "green" botanical path and learn about the harmless flora and fauna of the Répce area. Find out how many millions of spring snowflakes are to be found in the snowflake forest of Csáfordjánosfa near Bük. And what animal is a bee-eater, by the way?

5. Fly like a bird

Location: Sunshine Children's Park (Bük)

Mission: For the really brave only: slide along one of Hungary's longest zip-lines of almost 360 metres or roll down in a Zorb® sphere. Not so keen on adrenaline? No worries, stamps are also given for a nice lakeside stroll or for a fun game in the park.

6. Discover Your Limits

Location: Crystal Tower Adventure Park (Bük, Nyárfa utca 2.)

Mission: Try the giant swing and overcome your fears. Unique in Hungary, this crystal structured, three-storey building constructed using state-of-the-art technology is a spectacular and exciting adventure park for every generation.

7. Rolling World

Location: Protected Cycle Routes

Mission: Rent a bike or hop on your own one and cycle through villages with the shortest name (Bő) and the longest one (Chernelházadamonya) in Hungary and get back to Bükfürdő. The more daring ones might even try to cycle all the way to Szombathely or to the picturesque Lake Fertő.

8. Squirrel Overboard!

Location: Bükfürdő Thermal &Spa

Mission: Look for Sam the Squirrel and his friends in one of the biggest spas of the country where even squirrels fancy taking a plunge. Try the water playground and take a dive into the family and adventure pools full of fun games and great adventure elements or slide down the Anaconda, the Kamikaze or any of the other indoor slides.

9. Exercise Outdoors

Location: Sports Park, Outdoor fitness machines (Bükfürdő, Termál körút)

Mission: Everyone needs to exercise. Put your stamina to the test on at least three outdoor machines. Before or after bathing, you are sure to enjoy a little exercise in the fresh air.