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Gizella Apartment House

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HUF 3,250 /person/night

If you want something unwinding and traditionally Hungarian you can choose to spend your holiday at the attractively furnished Gizella Apartment House in Bükfürdő. Guests arriving with a laptop will have Internet access while our services also include free rent-a-bike facilities, a garden pavilion, barbecue grill and concessions in the restaurants in the close proximity. Those keen on fishing may pursue their hobby on any of the privately owned lakes nearby. Guests can have their own parking lot in a closed and protected courtyard. The rooms have a private bathroom and a well-equipped studio kitchen. Please call us!

Service: Self Catering
Distance from Spa: 200 m
wifi: yes
Accepts credit cards: no
Parking (closed): available
Breakfast: no
: yes
Pets allowed: no
Private accommodation
Category: without category

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