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Chicken Broth (Soups)

"Becsinyátt" soup (meaning "made in" broth, pronounced in the local dialect) used to be made from young pigeons or chicken. Very "thin roux" is made for it to prevent being too thick. Meat is cleaned and cooked with vegetables in the soup in one piece; it is only cut apart for family members when served. Noodles are also made for it or sometimes it is cooked with dumplings. "Becsinyátt" soup was regularly made for ill family members.


1 kg giblets of chicken

1.5 dl cooking oil

5 dag flour

2 cloves of garlic

1 medium sized onion

30 dag mixed vegetables for soup (carrots and parsley, a small piece of celery and kohlrabi)

1-2 bay leaves

a pinch of salt, pepper, cumin, paprika

Butter Galuska (Dumplings)

1 egg

About 2 dag soft butter

5 dag flour

Chopped parsley leaf

A passage from "Időtálló ízek - Büki Recepteskönyv" (Timeless Tastes - A Cookbook of Bük)