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Koczán House

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Saved from total destruction, the house was renovated inside and outside. The former tile stove, its kitchen opening, the oven door, the chimney door and all the other openings and fittings were also restored with special care. New, custom-made fittings were installed which are perfect matches of the originals ones both in shape and size. The court restoration comprised the existing fence, gate and small gate as well. After cleaning the well in the garden, a new prop and sweep were also made from stripped locust wood. The new counterweight of the sweep is a tree root attached with straps. The Koczán House currently hosts non-governmental organisations and provides a venue for a craft workshop, an Easter egg painting and other events for children and families. The most major events organised in the Koczán House include a traditional Late Carnival Pig-Killing, the Ivó Day Wine Tasting, a Family Day on 20th August and the Feast of Saint Michael in autumn. The home of the late shoemaker is a popular venue for town events where folk traditions, feasts and other programmes are organised in an authentic environment.

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