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Arboretum of Jeli – Fairy garden

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The arboretum can be reached after a distance of 3,7 km from the village of Kám along main road Nr. 8. The arboretum is famous for its fascinating rhododendrons all over Hungary, however the evergreens and the original flora, which still can be seen in patches, is also remarkable.

Count Dr. István Migazzi-Ambrózy, who turned himself into one of the greatest botanists of his era, created one of the most beautiful arboretums in Europe. His motto was the “ever-green garden” and his experience gathered abroad helped him fulfil his dream. He began working 1922 on 5 hectares and after the expansions the garden grew to a size of 118 hectares.

The 75 hectares private area of the Arboretum is an under nature protection of nation-wide importance.

After going 3.7 kilometres from the main road Nr. 8 at the municipality of Kám visitors can reach the arboretum famous for its rhododendrons all over Hungary, however, its evergreen plants and autochthonous flora which still can be seen in patches are also worth seeing. The valley of the Kaponyás-brook features landscapes from 10 different forests in the world, established by foresters. The forest of giants with several redwood trees and the Japanese forest with a bamboo thicket are especially interesting to see.

Several ten thousand visitors attend the botanical garden maintained by the Szombathely Forestry Holding. At the end of May, when the rhododendrons blossom, people come from every corner of the country to relax in this beautiful atmosphere.

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