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Andrej Rubljov Exhibition of Sacred Images

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The private collection of Kovács Csaba Albert has more than 5,000 sacred images on display; the person giving his name to the exhibition is the renowned Russian icon painter, Andrej Rubljov. In addition to portraying basic principles of our faith and the history of the Church, sacred images are also significant in terms of cultural history since each image has a unique story which is closely connected to lives of people who painted, bought, gave away, prayed for, kept and kindly donated them to the collection.

Opening hours: every Saturday 2:30PM - 4:30PM during the holy mass or by appointment

Contact Details:

Father Kovács Csaba Albert: +36 30 221 4403

Mayor Berényi Pál: +36 20 358 4047

Sulics Istvánné, Member of the Parochial Advisory Council: +36 30 411 1840