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Electric and Tandem Bicycle Rental

Hop on one our bikes to rent at either of our information offices in Bük or Bükfürdő and discover Bük and the surrounding area. In addition to traditional bicycles, we also have tandems and pedelecs available. For more information about the rental fees click here. We look forward to seeing you in Bükfürdő.

The word "pedelec" comes from the combination of "pedal" and "electric" and is slightly different from an electric or an e-bike since pedelecs, albeit only just, need to be driven. This is the technique which accrues the benefits of this vehicle; exercise and remarkably cheap operation.

Pedelecs are currently to rent for 500HUF for an hour but longer periods are more reasonable and the rental yields many more free complimentary services.

Bike rental fees

Traditional BikePedelecTandem
1 hour 400 HUF 500 HUF 500 HUF
4 hours1200 HUF1500 HUF1500 HUF
24 hours2200 HUF3000 HUF3000 HUF
2 days +2000 HUF/ day--
  • For groups: Over 8 bicycles for a maximum of 2 days the rental fee is 1,500HUF/day for each bike. 50% discount for children under 14.