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Crystal Tower Health Day 2018

Crystal Tower Health Day 2018

Location: Crystal Tower - Hotel Caramell, Bük, Nyárfa u. 2.

10.00 Zone training with Enikő Péntek
11.00 Streching
13.30 Herbalance presentation
14.00 Indian Club Hungary presentation and training
15.00 Spinning with Dávid Lippai
16.00 TRX and Power Dumbbell training with Dávid Faragó
17.00 Aerobik with Kata Gáspár international fitness instructor
18.00 Streching
19.30 Spinning Marathon on the top of the Crystal Tower (15m high) with Dávid Lippai

Further information: www.kristalytorony.hu

In bad weather programs will be organised indoors.