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Körmend, the town of Batthyány's

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Körmend is a beautiful small town at the crossing of the rivers Rába and Pinka, as well as the main roads 8 and 86 and a rich cultural heritage. The history of the town with privileges since 1244 is linked to the river Rába with thousand ties. The Batthyány-family, who owned the town since 1605 and whose cult is still kept on many buildings and monuments have played a crucial role in shaping its image.

The name Batthyány has been closely linked to the history of the town for over 400 years. The castle was turned into one of the most remarkable baroque-classicistic castle-complexes in the course of the centuries.

The museum located in the castle bears the name of Dr Ladislaus Batthyány-Strattmann, who was beatified 2003.

The park next to the Batthyány-castle was created in the 18th century as a French garden and a century later refurbished into an English garden. It is under protection since 1958 and features more than 70 tree and bush species, as well as several artefacts. It is most famousfor its several centuries old maple-leafed plane tree with a crown diameter of 45 meters.

The oratory of the St. Elisabeth parish church features an exhibition of Dr. Ladislaus Batthyány-Strattmann.

The reformed church built 1788 is one of the sights of the town. Its walls are covered by frescoes from Jenő Harangy.

The neo-gothic protestant church built in the vicinity of the reformed church is one of the treasures of the town. The shores of the Rába river offers not only a natural beauty, but also a camping and a harbour suitable to meet the demands of water travellers.

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