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Post-Covid19 Syndrome Rehabilitation Treatments

Post-Covid19 Syndrome Rehabilitation Treatments

Many people who have recovered from the Covid19 viral infection ask themselves what really could be the way of alleviating post-Covid symptoms. Which would be the most appropriate rehabilitation treatment? We would like to introduce to you the types of treatment available at Bük Spa, which are suitable for alleviating complaints. The specialist clinician of the Bük Health Spa determines individually, following a special examination, exactly what medical treatment the given patient needs, so a personalized program is compiled, which effectively alleviates and eliminates the symptoms.

Symptoms such as fatigue, headache, joint and muscle pain, weakness, lethargy, and mood disorders can occur even up to several months after the acute stage of infection.

The following of our treatments can be effective to help in reducing and eliminating these complaints.

Kraxenofen Alpine hay steam room

Treat yourself to a unique therapy. Ours is the only place in Hungary to find the Kraxenofen® Alpine hay steam cabin emanating an alpine atmosphere. The scent of the spicy Alpine hay welcomes one already at the entrance with the feeling of entering a place where one can surrender completely to relaxation. The herbal breeze reaching from behind the guest sitting in a heated chair caresses gently the guest's back. The pleasant warmth reaching directly the back and neck area after passing through Alpine herbal hay pads, relaxes the muscles and the whole body. By leaving the head and legs free, the Kraxenofen® treatment can be used safely by people with varicose veins as well as heart and circulatory problems. The characteristic smell emanates from the essential oil content of herbal hay and, combined with the pleasant warmth, has a calming and regenerating effect, moreover it miraculously liberates the respiratory tracks.

Leopoldskron Alpine mud pack in a Soft-Pack® wellness bed Relaxing in a special Soft-Pack® wellness bed is available with not only an algae wrap, but mud as well. The particularly famous Alpine mud of Leopoldskroner has an analgesic and muscle-relaxing effect, and, while floating in a body-treating water bed, one's body is permeated by the beneficial effect of the mud absorbed into the skin under the influence of its pleasant warmth.

Underwater hydro massage (tangentor)

It is used to increase muscle strength and improve blood supply in musculoskeletal diseases, so it is effective in the quality treatment of muscle weakness.

Carbonic acid bath

As a result of this special treatment, the cardiovascular complaints decrease, surface blood vessels dilate, peripheral circulation increases, blood distribution in the body becomes more favourable, and the carrying capacity and function of the heart improves.

Weight bath Heals herniated disc in a natural way, relieves muscle cramps and muscle pain, relieves nerves and, at the same time, muscles. Parafango During treatment the metabolic process improves. An effective analgesic effect can be achieved in the spine and limb joints. It increases lymphatic circulation and reduces muscle tension. Medicated pack - antiphlogistine

Thanks to its special ingredients, its effect is anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative.

Laser therapy

In the course of the treatment analgesic, muscle relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect can be reached through using a low-power laser beam. It stimulates healing processes and increases the resistance of the immune system.

Ultrasound Treatment During the treatment, a micro-massage is generated at the impact of which blood vessels dilate, circulation increases, muscles and the connective tissue relax. The treatment has an overall analgesic effect. Electrotherapies

The effect of various electro-therapeutic treatments increases blood-circulation loosens muscles and reduces pain.

Individual physiotherapy

Frequent exercise has a positive effect on our immune system. Exercise has a beneficial effect on our health, both physically and mentally. With the help of our physiotherapists, you can regain the physical condition you had before the disease. The breathing exercises you learn with the help of our physiotherapists help with proper breathing techniques to improve the lungs' oxygen supply and also contribute to the expansion of lung capacity and the strengthening of the lungs.